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District Cub and One Camp 2014

Sherwood Forest came to Dunham campsite this weekend with the District Cub and One Camp theme of “Robin Hood”. Beginning on Friday evening in rain there was excitment of a falling tree meaning the entire site (leaders, parents and cubs) came together to support moving one group to another part of the site.

The following day in between making items for a parade at 8pm on Saturday evening all cubs had the chance to canoe for 30 minutes and a session of archery.

The parade at 8pm showed the design skills of the parents and cubs with some obvious planning as the sound of electric tools could be heard in the making but all of the groups made some fantastic displays.

The following day the cubs were treated to some team games organised by two leaders from 6th Altrincham with Egg and Spoon, wheel barrow race, balancing a plate on the head and many more.

Thanks goes to the camp organiser ADC Cubs Freda Clarke, the administrative team of the district in helping to get all the CRB’s completed, the leaders of groups in attendance, parents and the cubs.

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