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3rd Timperley Beavers Bowling Sleepover

On Saturday 3rd May, 3RD Timperley Beavers attended their 1st of a possible 4 sleepovers planned for the year. The Beavers all met at the local bowling alley and split into 4 teams of 5. At first the Beavers used the Bowling ball slide to help knock the pins down BUT as the competition progressed they soon changed their tactics to throwing the ball themselves and many of them got Strikes and half strikes for their efforts. After a great game which saw the top bowlers get scores of 100+ the result was that lane 3 had won. It was now time to head to our hut and having such adventurous Beavers at 3RD Timperley the only way back was by tram which is a tale in itself. Once back at the hut it was time for a chippy tea and learning how to pitch a tent followed by a game and quick sing song before bed.

The following day saw a somewhat tired colony of beavers get up and have a traditional scouting breakfast which was followed up with a lesson in the art of washing and drying up thrown in for good measure. The beavers headed towards the end of their sleep over by drawing pictures of what they liked best (Everything seemed to be the main theme) and then once finished they played games of domino’s and draughts to bring the Bowling sleepover to an end.

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