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3rd Timperley Cubs & Beavers 59ers Camp

Back in 1959 a group of 3rd Timperley Cubs caught a train and then walked to Cub warren for their Summer Camp. July 2014 and 3RD Timperley Cubs met at navigation train station to retrace their steps. The Cubs Caught the early morning train and headed to Plumley. From here Cubs had to map read their way to the camp site which saw them face the normal challenges such as tall grass/nettles and fields with cows in. On arrival the Cubs pitch their tents and like 1959 these were the tradition patrol tents unlike the dome tents the Cubs have come accustom to. Around lunch time the Beaver section arrived to join the Cubs and take part in various activities such as fire lighting, rockets and challenges including minefield and climbing though A4 paper. After dinner the Cubs and Beavers had a mega wide game of animal and hunters where the Beavers had to follow a trail laid by the Cubs. Once everyone had got back the Cubs and Beavers had a camp fire and hot chocolate, fruit, and biscuits before bed. The next day after a traditional night sleep the sections had breakfast before striking camp and heading home

photo 11
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