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3rd Timperley Cubs learn to breathe as they take to the water….. Again

On Saturday the 10th October 3rd Timperley Cubs headed back to the water, only this time not to canoe on it but to swim under it. The Cubs met at a local swimming pool to try out the exciting activity of Scuba Diving. The Cubs got a full safety briefing including having to remembering the number one rule of Scuba diving which the Cubs enjoyed shouting out whenever asked – NEVER HOLD YOUR BREATH ….. OR YOU CAN DIE!!

Also as it’s really hard to speak under water the Cubs had to learnt to some important sign language such as everything’s OK, Go down, Go up and I’m having a problem. The Cubs then headed down to the pool side to put on and learn all about the breathing apparatus which they were about to use. It was now time to put their theory into practice. The Cubs then spit into their goggles and got ready to dive. At 1st the Cubs got used to putting their heads under the water and breathing using the respirator, once the groups were confident of how to breathe the next step was to sit down, followed by lying on the bottom of the swimming pool. Once the Cubs had done this to the satisfaction of the instructors it was off for a swim up and down the pool under water and performing underwater summersaults. Unfortunately time finally ran out and the group of very happy Cubs had to leave the pool. All the instructors commented at the end off how well the Cubs did and how extremely well they all behaved. The Cubs thoroughly enjoyed the event and can’t wait to go again. Which they all hope will be soon.

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