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3rd Timperley Cubs Pip Hartley Hike Competition

On the Friday 9th May four 3rd Timperley Cubs travelled to Bibby farm camp site and set up camp ready to take part in the Pip Hartley memorial walk, a tough 8.5 mile incident Hike around the west Pennines moors along with 30 other Cub packs from the county. Also camping were 34 Scout teams and 12 Explorer units who had also entered their own harder competition. After an early breakfast the Cubs headed towards Kit inspection at 9.20am. The inspection was carried out by Bolton mountain rescue to insure all teams had the correct equipment from whistles to sun cream (Although due to the large amount of rain wasn’t needed). Our team then headed to route planning. Here the Cubs plotted their route around all the check points just like Explores and Scouts had done earlier. Once the route was planned and transferred to a second map it was time to report to the start and collect their ongoing incident. The Cubs set off at 10.30am, on the longest hike they had attempted before. To say the route was muddy would be an understatement. The previous night’s rain and the frequent showers throughout the day made it extra hard but with their high spirits and excellent map reading skills the Cubs made good progress and soon got to their first check point and lunch. After a quick lunch the team “The Four piglets” as they called themselves pushed on to the next check point and even had time to take in some of the stunning views. The Cubs made the Second check point and one cub showed off his gymnastics skills in a game of charades. The Cubs now were half way and took time to take a rest and have a snack before setting off into the wind and heavy rain once again. Their pace quickened up as they head to the 3rd checkpoint which they got to quicker than expected and here they had a quiz to deal with. With fatigue setting in and one more check point to go before home the last thing the Cubs wanted to see was a steep uphill section but that’s what they got. Up and up the team climbed and with unclear footpaths and a bit of stumbling around the cubs got to the 4th Checkpoint and another challenge. Time to head home and the Cubs joined up with a group of Scouts who had to carry one of their team members out to safety as he had dislocated his Knee. The tired, wet, Cold Cubs with fully loaded rucksacks trudged towards the final Check point eating their emergency rations to give them a last boast of energy. After 8 and half miles the last thing anyone would want to do is run…… and yet that’s what they faced at the final check point, a two minute sprit to earn those precious last points. After a short walk the Cubs finally finished their hike at 18.57. The Cubs hit camp and relaxed with dinner and a few games before a bed. The Sunday morning saw the award presentation. The Cubs, Scouts, Explores and leaders were all coated in mud, smiling and laughing together. Who won didn’t really matter as everyone who had entered had had an amazing adventure and everyone can be proud of what they had achieved, and all the Leaders at 3rd Timperley are extremely proud of our Cubs. But for those would like to know the result. Out of the 31 Cub teams that entered, 3rd Timperleys Cubs came 16th an excellent result for a 1st attempt and we look forward to entering again next year.

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