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3rd Timperley Cubs Senior Camp

On the 1ST Weekend of June 3RD Timperley Cubs attended their senior Cub camp. This Camp is designed for our older Cubs that will be moving onto Scouts within the year. Just like last year, the Cubs ventured to Linnett Clough camp site and hoped the weather would be kind. The Cubs set up camp on the Friday night. The Cubs learnt to pitch their dome tents, both cooking and dining shelters as well as the Icelandic store tent. Once this was completed the Cubs had a quick tour of the site before heading off for the tradition first night football match. Since the previous weekend saw two thousand campers stay at Linnett Clough the pitch selected was somewhat muddy in patches, and because mud and Cubs go together so well everyone had a great game. Later on after supper the Cubs played everyone’s favourite game “Spotlight”

The next morning the Cubs woke up at a reasonable hour (for Cubs that is) and after breakfast started planning their route for the hike they would be doing. Once planned, the Cubs started their hike by navigating their way through the most difficult type of all terrains known to hikers…….. a Golf course. Once they had passed this the rest of the route was quite simple if you exclude the mud, the hill and the 5 foot nettles. Once back the Cubs had a short rest before taking on “The Cube” and nerves of steel were required as the Cubs finished the activity by taking the leap of faith. After their BBQ dinner the Cubs learnt the art of “wooding” to keep the fire going. The Cubs then finished off the rest of the normal general chores of camp life before playing various wide games. In fact everyone was having so much fun playing games that we lost track of time and so had a rather late night to bed.

The next morning saw a bit of a lie in for the cubs before they faced their first challenge of the day, cooking their own breakfast. The Cubs did an amazing Job frying bangers, bacon and eggy bread. This led them perfectly on to archery as if you get either wrong you can kill someone. The Cubs quickly got their eye in and started to showed off their skills as the Cubs started hitting the targets constantly with a few even hitting the bulls eye. After a game of cricket and lunch it was time to strike camp and head home muddy, tired and Happy.

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