3rd Timperley Cubs Spring Camp

The sky was bright blue and the Sun was shining brightly on another gorgeous spring day. Unfortunately this was not the day when 3rd Timperley Cubs were having their spring camp, they headed to Bibby Scout camp for the first part of 3rd Timperley’s Cubs unique 2015 challenge. The sky was grey and the rain fall constantly. The Cubs arrived on site and quickly realised that when warned on the Thursday night that camp would be cold, wet and muddy the leaders were not joking. So since they were going to be muddy all weekend the only thing to do was… to do commando style mud strips to their faces ready for the battle ahead. The Cubs got to work unloading the kit and pitching camp. The stronger Cubs along with leaders soon worked out that because the site was so wet & muddy that standard size nigar wooden tent pegs didn’t need to be banged in with a mallet but simply pushed in by hand which speeded up the whole process. After lunch the Cubs grabbed their hiking gear for the Main activity of the weekend a gentle 5 and a bit mile hike which the Cubs had plotted using route cards on a previous pack night. If the Cubs had thought that our site was muddy it was nothing compared for what was to come. Down boggy footpaths and along puddle riddled tracks the Cubs walked. In certain parts the Cubs fought to pull each other free of the deep mud as they used their map and compass skills to guide themselves aroun