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3rd Timperley Cubs Vs 4th Hale Cubs Summer Games II

On Thursday 10th July 3RD Timperley and 4thHale Cubs met for their 2nd annual summer games. The packs met at St. Peters Church lawn in Hale for this year’s games. Both packs had an excellent turn out and in the sunshine the packs divided up into teams. The games consisted of team relay races which involved

anything from tyre rolling to wheel barrow races. Both packs gave 100% in each race and saw Timperley win the first 3 races. Hale fought back and won the next few races themselves. The following races were close with wins for both packs. There was not much to choose between the two packs as the contest drew to a close. After one long tiring relay race the points were added and the result announced…… and this year it saw 3rd Timperley Cubs take the spoils and level the series 1-1. Well Done to 3rd Timperley Cubs. Our thanks go to 4th Hale for a great Evening. Everyone had a fabulous night and had a lot of fun regardless of the result and we are all looking forward to 2015 Summer Games III.

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