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Altrincham District Cubs100 Promise Party

On Friday 16th December the Cubs from Altrincham District met at Dunham Park Scout Camp to re-new their promise just like the thousands of other Cubs from around the nation to celebrate the creation of the Wolf Cubs 100 years ago.  Over the 100 Years many things have changed, the uniform, the Badges and even the name but some things will never change such as the Cubs thirst for adventure, their enthusiasm and their sense of Fun. Altrincham Cubs are no different, Over the past 12months the Cubs have been to Blackpool together, been on Camp together and now they have partied together.  The evening saw the Cubs enjoy a Disco then followed up with some clips from Bear and Steve wishing them a happy birthday. The Cubs also had the letter to all Cub Scouts from Her majesty The Queen read out.  At 19:16 precisely the Cubs stood and made the infamous Scout sign as they remade their Promise. A proud moment for all the leaders, after a quick burst of  Happy birthday the Cubs had some refreshments before heading out for one quick night wide game. The evening was drawn to a close with a traditional camp fire which saw some amazing singing from all the Cubs and some not so amazing singing from the Leaders. Then as the fire died down the Cubs watched as the District Time Capsule which was going to be secretly buried at Dunham go up in smoke.  Overall it was quite an amazing evening, in fact it’s been quite a Fantastic year, which saw the Cubs from all around our district coming together and having fun, enjoying adventures and making new friends regardless of which group they belong to and in doing so in their own small way they brought our District that little bit closer together.

So what does the next 100 years have instore for the Cubs Scouts?

No-one knows, all they can do is….

Be Prepared.

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