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Beavers Fun Day & Sleepover 2019

For the 12th year running Beavers from across the district came together to have some fun and meet new friends with the fun day and sleepover. The action started at 4pm under what was some tempremental weather forcing a quick change to the bases at 3rd Altrincham. The beavers worked on bases making sound makers to sing some songs, some science including coke and mentos, and making somefruit kebabs.

Following the evening activtiies some of our beavers left us and then those who were going to do the sleepover had some dinner of hot dogs to fill them up before the walk to 4th Hale. Following our walk they had the opportunities to watch some films whilst going to bed, where they all had some sleep.

The next morning we had 3 early risers before the rest arose and had breakfast before going home to see parents.

Thanks to all of the leaders for their support

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