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World Jamboree 2015


The 2015 Jamboree will be held in Japan.

Over the course of a week 3 applicants from Altrincham District were selected. These are Alice (Fox Explorers), Richard (Panther Explorers) and Will (Snowdon Explorers). They are part of Unit 57 and are partnered with Explorers from across the County and Chesire County.

Each of the particpants have placed a report in the latest Scoutlook which is made available below:

Alice’s Jamboree Report: On 12th August, Richard Gould, Will Taylor and I returned from the adventure of a lifetime: the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan. Yamaguchi played host to 36,000 scouts who had gathered together to share experiences and memories. We were immersed in hundreds of different cultures, visited countless shrines and took a trip back in time when we visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. It was an incredibly moving experience.

The hot and humid weather was our constant companion but it was a great topic of conversation. Before and after the actual camp we explored the sites in Tokyo and were hosted by Japanese families which gave us an amazing insight into their culture.

I will never forget the Jamboree and the friends I made there and I look forward to sharing my story with other scouts in the coming months.

‘Arigato’ to all those who helped us get to Japan!

Alice (Fox ESU)

Richard’s Jamboree Report: For me, Home Hospitality was an eye opening experience of the Jamboree due to the fact that we got to experience the vastly different Japanese culture first hand. By staying with a Japanese family we got to see what japan was like from their point of view, but we also had fun doing it.

The Japanese clearly pride themselves in having a huge breakfast consisting of yoghurt, ham, eggs, Miso soup, salad, rice, fish and some very sour plums and from that we were swiftly rushed out of the house.

‘To where?’ you ask. Well we had no idea at the time because Mrs Tsuji didn’t speak any English, we didn’t speak any Japanese and the 7 year old had the translator app. It turns out we went to a local beaver and cub group to help them make Japanese style noodles. They were full of energy and definitely excited to see us.

In the afternoon we visited a Japanese Castle and a Ninja House. At the house there was a fun and overly energetic demonstration of all its hidden features and from on top of the castle there was a welcome breeze which helped slow our melting in the heat. From leaving the Ninja Village we were treated to ice cream and some shuriken (Ninja Stars) throwing.

Back at the house, we again had a feast of rice, sea food and various meats, which was later followed by ‘hand fireworks’, glorified sparklers to you and me. Again the night was very short as we had to be packed and out the house by 6 a.m. in order to get to the coach pick up point on time.

Home Hospitality was eye opening and one of those experiences that will never be forgotten. It allowed us to experience Japan in a way that most tourists don’t because they simply can’t visit a group of eager beavers and cubs, or because they daren’t visit that shady looking ice cream shop, and this was just one small part of an amazing trip and journey.

Richard, Unit 57

Will’s Jamboree Report: From Home Hospitality and the camp itself, we figured we had just about experienced the expanse of Japanese culture. Yet stepping off the Bullet Train into Shibuya station made us realise how wrong we were.

Tokyo is a unique city full of Urban spectacles: with Buddhist shrines in a market place, cats in cafés and indoor roller-coasters!

We were constantly busy, whether we were zipping around in the Tubes, climbing the SkyTree, refuelling in McDonalds or taking photos for the intrigued public; we were treated like celebrities with our UK neckers on!

Each day ended at the Olympic Village where we slept in apartments with other UK Scouts and socialised where possible. Mostly, however, we just enjoyed the warm showers.

Our Tokyo experience ended with a Unit trip to an Italian buffet (with chocolate pizzas maintaining the Japanese spirit) as we solemnly waved goodbye to the famously busy crossroads of Shibuya.

Will, Unit 57

The next Jamboree is in the SUmmer of 2019 in West Virginia, United States of America.

Could you be there?

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